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    Astrology Articles

    The Sagittarius Page

    Sagittarius Professional Profile

    (November 23 - December 21)

    By C. Latrice

    Photo of C. Latrice

    Having a good idea of the most predominant qualities and character traits of people you conduct business with is a great start to communicating and connecting with them in ways that will result in successful interactions. Though it does not reveal everything, awareness of Sun Signs lead to better results in personal and professional exchanges if we are knowledgeable of the energy that was most expressed during the time one was born.

    Ambitious Sagittarius is ready to find the next best thing and figure out how to make it work for them and everyone else. These focused individuals not only have high goals and big dreams, but also possess the willpower and determination to make them reality. Sagittarius feels that more is better, bigger is better and even bigger is best. These people seem to be blessed by the heavens as they accomplish much of what they set out to do and experience very little setbacks.

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    If you have a Sagittarian boss, they expect you to work as efficiently as possible but do not stress if you make a mistake. This sign does not hold grudges and will quickly breeze past yesterday's failure as long as you show and prove your abilities in moving forward. In fact, the philosophy of Sagittarius is that there must be continuous forward movement so do not harp on past circumstances with this boss or they will quickly lose interest.

    This high-spirited fire sign will be excited at the start of a new project and will put a fool-proof plan in place for it to be accomplished. One can only hope that something seemingly better does not come along because if it does, Sagittarius will neglect the old project to move on to the new. For this reason, there is a reputation for not finishing what has been started. Knowing this, the wise Sagittarian boss will surround themselves with employees who are able to pick up and complete any task that they have already jump started.

    The co-worker Sagittarian will seem to have many ideas to share on just about anything you can think of. Sure its a professional environment but they rarely miss an opportunity to share their philosophy on life no matter where they are. This imaginative being is fun to work with and will create magnificent visual and oral presentations that will keep the interest of their audience.

    These are very blunt individuals who seem to have no filter between their mind and mouth; if they are thinking it, they do not mind saying it. Do not be offended, even when you feel they could be a bit more tactful with their honesty. You will find Sagittarius to be free-spirited and humorous, making the workday a little more pleasant.

    Peace, Love & Success! Chanel Latrice | UniverSoulPower Network

    About the Author: C. Latrice is the author of "Success Astrology: Professional Profiles," a free ebook. As former manager of internationally outsourced teams of software quality analysts for Fortune 500 companies, C. Latrice has traded in the corporate hat for entreprenuership which enables professional progress while helping others experience a sense of peace, success and wholeness. C. Latrice on Twitter

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