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    Cancer Professional Profile

    By C. Latrice

    Having a good idea of the most predominant qualities and character traits of people you conduct business with is a great start to communicating and connecting with them in ways that will result in successful interactions. Though it does not reveal everything, awareness of Sun Signs lead to better results in personal and professional exchanges if we are knowledgeable of the energy that was most expressed during the time one was born.

    Cancer is full of complexity and learning the art of acceptance is necessary when interacting with these moon-ruled individuals. As a result of their fluid nature, it may be difficult to gauge the best way to approach them at any given moment. Accept that there will be hit or miss interactions. Sometimes you will get a warm smile, other times a cold shoulder. Either way, these loving characters mean no harm so take nothing personally.

    If you have a Cancer boss, your first impression may be a little intimidating as its hard to get a read on whether they like you or not. But that quickly changes as you realize how considerate they are about making sure you are comfortable in your position. These nurturing spirits will want to create an environment in which their team can work as a cohesive unit.

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    Be prepared to read in between the lines as the Cancer often seems to speak in a code-like fashion, leaving you to figure out the meaning of their message. They respect your intelligence and feel that you will know what needs to be done once they have made the appropriate suggestions.

    Cancer may hold a lot in, but they do not miss much. These individuals are extremely sharp so be sure to present yourself in a friendly but straight-forward way. Avoid sarcasm or jokes about their character because offense may be taken.

    Stay on your co-worker Cancers good side, its safer there. If you step on their toes, do not be misled by the smile. Subtle resentment will rear its head as they harbor feelings that will be expressed at unexpected times. But if you treat them with love, respect, consideration and compassion this sensitive character will be the best friend or co-worker you have ever had; willing to cover your shift for you or take some of your workload so that you can make it out of the office for that important appointment.

    Peace, Love & Success! C. Latrice | Fortunate Future Network

    About the Author: C. Latrice is the author of "Success Astrology: Professional Profiles," a free ebook. As former manager of internationally outsourced teams of software quality analysts for Fortune 500 companies, C. Latrice has traded in the corporate hat for entreprenuership which enables professional progress while helping others experience a sense of peace, success and wholeness. C. Latrice on Twitter

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