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Get high-quality organic groceries delivered to you regularly with our Subscription Box. Choose your favorite grocery products, select the frequency of your order and enjoy your choice of organic Indian groceries at home.
Quicklly Indian Groceries Online

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Shop Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets! at Earth Breeze
and they will plant a tree.

CANN Cannabis-infused Beverages

8oz Cann: with 2mg THC & 4mg CBD. Use Coupon Code TARAPIE30 to get 30% Off.

Dr. Christopher's Formula
Lung and Bronchial Formula

For those of us living with bad air quality.

Love Goodly
Self-Care Bundles + Duos


This innovative skincare line, infused with Activated Stabilized Oxygen, combines the power of science with high-quality botanical ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants. O4 Skincare products are meticulously crafted to deliver visible results that transform your skin.

Shungite with Waxed Cotton Cord
for EMF & 5G PROTECTION and healing the Root Chakra.

Spiritual/Religious Magazines
Discount Prices at Magazine Agent.
Other Categories also.

Proper Good

Proper Good makes good-for-you meals with clean label ingredients in flexible transparent packaging at reasonable prices. Grab a Proper Good meal, heat it up and enjoy.

Sizzlefish is dedicated to delivering fresh seafood across the United States.

Sizzlefish recently made CNET's list of best places to buy fresh seafood online. for July 2021: Best Seafood Companies - 5/5 Stars - Rated #1.

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    White Sage, Cedar, Flower Sage, Yerba Santa, Palo Santo.

    Waterproof Temporary Astrology Tattoos

    60 Sheets, Moon Stars Constellations and more

    Solar System Bracelet with Eight Planets Beads

    Name Bubbles

    Press & Stick Clothing Labels, School Label Packs, and Floor Decals.

    Name Bubbles partners with Blessings in a Backpack, a non-profit organization that raises money to provide food on the weekend for grade school children in the U.S. who may otherwise go hungry.

    Cards of Your Destiny

    Based on Sacred Geometry

    GoSun Sport, Cooks a Meal in 20 Minutes in Sunlight


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    Metaphysical Shops




    Home & Garden

    Intuitive Readings

    Health & Organic

    Gemstone & Crystal Healing

    Astrology Reports & Software

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    Vibrational therapy jewelry, tools, and more - all infused with crystals and essential oils. Easily attract more of what you want in life. Vibes UP has many different products to help you attract into your home and life the energy you desire. (I LOVE VibesUp - wear them and have them all over my house - Tara)

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    Psychic Services
    Clairvoyant Readings by Psychic School's students, graduates, and teachers. Courses available to learn how to be clairvoyant. Discount coupons available.

    Easy Handwriting Analysis Guides
    Use Graphology to find out about anyone. Detect the potential for drug and alcohol problems, commitment phobia, sexual addiction, lying, and more.

    Guide To Creating Spa Products
    The Handcrafter's Companion.

    Witchcraft Secret Manual
    Spells, White Magic for Love and Money.

    Palm Reading
    Created By Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, "Palm Read Easy" will teach you everything you need to know about a person's past, present and future by reading their palms.

    Subliminal Suggestion
    The subliminal suggestion builds in the subconscious over a period of time to encourage the user to change their behaviour or improve their performance. High success rates. Topics include using Reverse Speech to accelerate the change process.

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    Ka-gold Sacred Symbol Jewelry
    Including beautiful astrology jewelry in gold or silver by cosmic jewelry artist, David Weitzman. Sacred Geometry, Egyptian, Jewish, Kabbalah, Tree of life, New Age, Merkaba, Tibetan Jewelry, and more.

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    Make Ecosia your new search engine and plant trees with your searches - for free!

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    BioBags (USA), The Original Compostable Bag

    TomatoInk is a supplier of Earth-friendly ink and toner and eco-friendly printer supplies and accessories. Their recycled and remanufactured printer peripherals give the same high quality results as their brand name counterparts but cost up to 80% less!

    Free shipping on all orders over $50 and $3.99 regular shipping.

    Exotic India Art
    The web's largest retail store for Indian art, with Indian miniature paintings, batik art, folk art, erotic art of the kama sutra, Indian jewelry, bronze sculptures, brass statues, buddha art, and more.

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    Gene Food
    Cutting edge nutrition and science. Using your unique DNA, the Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plan designs a nutrition plan tailored to your DNA.

    Find out your Diet Type. There are 20 DNA Diet Plans available

    Healing Oils for a wide range of conditions such as Hemorrhoids (H-Bl Hemorrhoids Formula), Nail Fungus, Rosacea, Candida, Athletes Foot, Acne, Arthritis, Eczema, Fissures, Headaches, Insomnia, Skin Tags, Warts, and more.

    All treatments are 100% natural and gentle on the skin and contain the highest quality essential oils extracted from plants. Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Free from all chemicals, pesticides and drugs.

    Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

    The Health Ranger
    "Healing the world through clean food." Clean and laboratory verified nutritional supplements, organic superfoods, organic storable foods, and preparedness items. "The cleanest superfoods in the world." Every product has been extensively tested for purity in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, using ICP-MS atomic spectroscopy instrumentation, and is Verified Low Heavy Metals.

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  • Free Personal Horoscope - with lucky numbers.

    Professional Astrology Reports

    By Adrian Duncan

    All reports are approximately 30 pages delivered to your email as a PDF file within 5 minutes of ordering.

  • Character and Destiny Report - $33.50
    This astrology report explains the challenges you face because of who you are, and reveals the resources you are blessed with to deal with them. This horoscope reading also explains crucial trends affecting major parts of your life right now and two years into the future.

  • Birth Horoscope Report - $33.50
    Best-selling astrology report interpreting your birth chart, describing strengths and weaknesses, with detailed trends for the next two years.

  • Essential Year Ahead - Astrology Report - $35.50
    What you can expect in the year ahead and what actions to take to optimize your success.

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    Frankincense Blended Soy Candle

    Chakra Orgone Gemstones Copper Mix

    Orgone TURQUOISE Pyramid Crystals/Copper Mix

    Astrology Metal Wall Art - Handmade

    Choose Size, Color, and Symbol

    Hynt Beauty

    High ingredient quality, naturally-derived or organic, beneficial to skin, efficacious, eco-conscious, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

    Biblio - used, rare, out of print books for sale

    Connect to Your Animal Spirit Guide(s)

    Water Bottle with Gemstone Center

    Solid 14k Yellow Gold Om Symbol Pendant Charm

    Essence of Copper Bed Pillows

    Bohemian Japanese Futon Roll Up
    Twin to King Sized

    Ora's Calendula Salve

    3D Anatomic Puzzles
    at Puzzle Master

    Natural relief from joint and muscle pain

    Exotic India Brass Sculptures and Wood Carvings

    Free Shipping on Most Items

    Ring of Courage
    Sacred Symbol Jewelry
    "The Ring of Courage"
    in Gold or Silver

    Hempz Fresh Fusions Citrine Crystal & Quartz Herbal Body Moisturizer