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    Spiritual Detox

    Spiritual Cleansing, Healing, and Protection

    By Stephen Petullo

    Scott Petullo Photo

    Co Author of Your Love Life and Reincarnation: Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It

    What's blocking you?

    Use the Spiritual Detox Script below whenever you feel the need to be more centered, or if you feel energy other than your own is interfering with your well-being.

    Picking up negative energies, entities, lost souls, and even demonic energy is, unfortunately, too easy. We know, we've experienced it many times ourselves. We use this script regularly with great success, and you can too.

    Identifying and getting rid of them is difficult, if you don't know what to do.

    We estimate that over 80% of the population is negatively affected by unseen energy, yet very few realize it. Even fewer understand how to remove it. Just as you need to wash your skin to remove dirt, it's also important to identify and remove harmful energy from your spiritual body, home, and office.

    Please read more about lost souls, negative energy, spirit attachment, and possession here and then on this page before using the script.

    You don't need to fear any unseen or spiritual troublemakers since spiritual helpers from the Light are powerful and happy to help when you ask.

    Do you have to be religious for this process to work? This script contains references to God, angels, and Jesus. They are spiritual references, not religious references, though you may associate them with your religion if you wish. You don't need to be Christian or even believe in God for the Spiritual Detox process to work because no religion has a monopoly on God or spiritual energy. The helpful energy of God, Jesus, archangels, and other benevolent spiritual helpers of the Light is available to anyone who asks, even if they aren't religious. See this page for more information.

    Note: Removing lost souls through this Spiritual Detox doesn't prevent loved ones who have died and gone to the Light from periodically checking in on and helping you.

    Note: Just as you need to bathe often to remove physical dirt, you might need to use this script often to remove spiritual dirt, especially if you work or live in a spiritually toxic environment, such as with negative people.

    Spiritual Detox Script

    Begin by taking a deep breath through your nose, holding the breath for a moment, and then exhaling through your mouth. Again, take another deep breath. hold, and as you release the breath, feel your body and mind relaxing. As you take another deep breath, focus your attention within. Imagine your body being filled with a bright, white Light. If you can't imagine it, simply feel it, sense it, and know it's there. It's filling your entire body and mind; your feet... legs... arms... hands... chest... stomach... back... neck... face... scalp... filling every cell of your body.

    Imagine this bright, protective, white Light now completely surrounding you, several feet around you, in a bubble of golden white, protective Light.

    Now it's time to call upon spiritual help for your Spiritual Detox process.

    Repeat the following script out-loud. Say it assertively, like you mean it, without fear or anger, like you deserve to be free of spiritual interference. It will take about 10 minutes.


    I call upon God, the Light and Christ Consciousness to guide this healing work.

    I call upon the Warrior Angels of the Light to guard against any darkness that would try to interfere.

    I call upon the Rescue Spirits of the Light to assist with this spiritual cleansing and healing process.

    I also call upon the following spiritual helpers:

    My guides and angels of the Light

    Legions of Light

    Master St. Germain

    Master Hilarion

    Jesus Christ

    The Cosmic Physician

    Archangel Michael

    Archangel Chamuel

    Archangel Raphael

    Archangel Uriel

    Archangel Gabriel

    Archangel Zadkiel

    Archangel Jophiel

    And all their helpers of the Light

    I ask that all communication and collaboration with those of the Light and other side be cloaked and protected, now and forever.

    Spiritual helpers of the Light, please protect me with love and (visualize as you say this or just know it's there) white Light along with blue, gold, and pink Light, surrounded by the violet flame that will transmute all negative energy and send it to the Light.

    Spiritual helpers of the Light, please remove all:

    False beliefs



    Negative energy directed at me from others

    Interference with love life, career, money, health, friends and family

    Interference with creativity and self-love

    Satanic energy





    Past life baggage

    Negative emotions such as remorse, frustration, sadness, despair, worry, doubt, resentment, guilt, anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness, shame, jealousy, possessiveness, envy, and greed.


    And anything else that is interfering with my energy and isn't for my highest good.

    God and spiritual helpers of the Light, please help me renounce any agreements, vows, or contracts I made (knowingly or not) to anyone or anything that isn't of the Light. I now renounce any ties to anyone or anything that isn't of the Light.

    Spiritual helpers of the Light, please help me forgive and release everyone and everything, including myself, connected to all that is being cleared and healed today.

    Please help me release all prejudices, false beliefs, and inner conflicts.

    Rescue Spirits and other helpers of the Light, please thoroughly scan my body, mind, soul, and aura and locate any and all lost souls that are with me. Please also scan for lost souls and negative energy at this location where I am (or the place I am thinking of at the following approximate address: __________).

    Please surround, in a bubble of white Light, the lost souls and negative energies that are with me and in this location. Please explain to them that they are causing harm and that it's time to go to their loved ones in the spirit world. (Pause)

    Please call in these lost souls' loved ones from the spirit world and have them explain to the lost souls and negative energies that they are hurting themselves and others by staying here. (Pause)

    Please explain that it's time to leave and how much they will love the spirit world.

    (Pause) Please guide them safely to their place in the Light. (Pause)

    For the souls and energies that don't want to leave, please create a white tornado of Light, covering all these energies and lost and confused souls that still may be with me or in this location, and direct them into the Light. (Pause)

    After the tornado of Light is gone, Rescue Angels of the Light, please search thoroughly for any remaining ones and gently lift them safely to their place in the Light.

    In the name of the Light, please bind any dark energy or entities that are still with me or in this location in a bubble of Light that they cannot escape or penetrate.

    Rescue Spirits of Light, as they find their own Light within, keep them in a bubble of Light and lift any and all dark energy or entities and any offspring quickly to their place in the Light.

    Legions of Heaven and Light under Archangel Michael, please follow any dark energy lines out from me or this location to every dark-energy being, including the leaders.

    Legions of Light, Angels of Light, and Archangel Michael, please collect each dark one in a bubble of Light and take it to the Light now.

    Helpers of the Light, please destroy all dark tools or tricks in and around my home, vehicle, and workplace and fill the areas with white Light. Please surround me, my home, vehicle, workplace, and this location with protective white Light.

    In the name of the Light, I call on the Mercy Band of Rescue Angels of the Light to gather all the lost and confused souls and dark energies who have been released through this process today. Rescue Angels of the Light, please locate them and take them home to the Light. (Pause)

    In the name of the Light, I call on the Cleanup Teams of Light. Please go deep inside me and cleanse every part of my mind, body, and soul, every part of my mental, emotional, etheric, and higher bodies, and every chakra.

    Please remove the remains left by the others who were intruding on my energy.

    Please remove any remaining energy lines, feelings, worries, fears, or thoughts from any other being or energy form from my energy. (Pause)

    Please remove anything that isn't purely of my own being. I have the right to move forward on my own chosen path. I have the right to be free. As you move through, Cleanup Teams of the Light, please leave every part filled with Light.

    In the name of the Light, I call on the Physicians of the Light to repair what can be repaired in me.

    I call on the Healing Angels of Light to heal what can be healed at this time. Please fill completely with white Light all the places that have been cleared and healed today and any other places that need to be healed.

    I call on the Perfect Physician (The Christ of the Light) to restore the perfect pattern of body, mind, and spirit.

    I call on the Divine Mother to surround me, a child of God, in Light and love, and restore the beauty of my sweet essence.

    Helpers of the Light, please cleanse and heal me by purifying every part and every organ of my body with white Light and removing any leftover residue. Please locate, purify, and bring back all my soul parts that belong to those empty holes where any lost souls or dark energy once was. Please fill me with bright, white Light and shield me with a bubble of bright white Light.

    In the name of the Light, I give thanks to all the spiritual helpers who assisted in this work today.


    Next is a protection and guidance exercise you can use whenever you feel the need. You can use it when you feel nervous, scared, tired, angry, or when you're happy, content or full of energy. Think of it when you're driving. Use it before you go to bed, and when you wake up.

    Protection and Guidance Exercise

    Imagine, within you, a bright, white Light. Visualize it... feel it...or just know it's there. Notice how this protective white Light is filling your legs and toes (pause), your arms and fingers (pause), your chest and stomach (pause).

    The warm and comfortable glow is reaching your neck and back (pause), face and scalp (pause). It's completely covering your entire body.

    The white Light is now creating a bubble that surrounds and protects you. It feels good to be protected. Know that you always have access to this white Light. All you have to do is think about it, and imagine or feel your entire body being filled and surrounded by the brilliant white Light.

    Co-authors Scott and Stephen Petullo are currently offering their downloadable Numerology Decoder Software for 25% off.

    Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo offer vital, yet sensible and practical spiritual guidance and tools, including their Spiritual Detox and Let Go MP3 meditation audios. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 13 Other Spiritual Laws Besides the Law of Attraction. Website: spiritualgrowthnow.com. They are the authors of Your Love Life and Reincarnation: Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It.

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