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Year of the Metal Rat

(Jan. 25, 2020 - Feb. 11, 2021)

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Happy Birthday, CAPRICORN - The Sun entered Capricorn on December 21st at 8:20 pm PST.

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Online Singles Sites, and more. Soul Mates & Twin Souls Forum 1800+ members.

The Valentine's Day Page

Music note NEW AGE MUSIC

New Age music favorites, Angel, Reiki, and Mozart music for healing.

Psychic Advisors

All psychics are tested and customer-reviewed.

Astrology Recipes

Recipes and health tips for each star sign. (offsite)

New Courses Available at the ShiftNetwork

Discover the Sacred Tarot

Discover why the Sacred Tarot is a map for your entire life. And how the Sacred Tarot reveals your soul's wisdom

Activating Your 8th Chakra

Locate blocks in your energy body & open the gateway to your full soul energy. Explore what your soul has agreed to show up for in this incarnation.

3 Keys to Free Yourself From Chronic Pain

Learn a technique to stop your brain from recreating the pain experience. Discover how to reduce or even completely erase pain from your life.

5 Ancestral Realms for Healing Your Life & Lineage with Dr. Steven Farmer

Discover how Animal Spirits can connect you with a beloved ancestor. Open to an invisible world of spirit allies who can help you heal and embrace life. Discover the ways our plant and animal ancestors bring guidance and healing.

Good Gopher

WHAT's UP IN January 2020

January 3 - Mars enters Sagittarius
January 9 - Lunar Eclipse at 20 Cancer
January 13 - Venus enters Pisces
January 16 - Mercury enters Aquarius
January 20 - Sun enters Aquarius
January 24 - New Moon at 4 Aquarius
January 25 - Year of the Metal Rat

WHAT's UP IN February 2020

February 3 - Mercury enters Pisces
February 7 - Venus enters Aries
February 9 - Full Moon in Leo
February 14 - Valentine's Day
February 16 - Mars enters Capricorn
February 16 - Mercury goes Retrograde
February 18 - Sun enters Pisces
February 23 - New Moon in Pisces

More detailed info can be found at Janet Moon's site, SparrowMoon.com

Auras: How To See Human Aura Colors
In 7 Easy Steps

A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration

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5G is Dangerous!

Dr. Gabriel Cousens warns about the toxic effects of 5G wireless (coming soon to your neighborhood)

Exposure to 5G is comparable to 17 minutes in a microwave on full power. 5G literally cooks your brain and your body.

More Info: 5GSacramentoDangers.com - Learn about 5G Dangers in Sacramento.

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How to Become Psychic by Activating Your 12 DNA Strands

Neuroplasticity: Changing your Brain for Improving your Life

Crystal Healing Certificate Course

Psychic Power- Know Others Well When You Meet For First Time

Palmistry for Beginners

How to Read Like a Pro

Angels of Abundance

Bringing in True Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth with Angelic Energy

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