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    The Sun Sign Cancer and Biochemical Cell Salts

    Calcium Fluoride

    By Ellis Peterson

    Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. Physiologically, it pertains to the breast, stomach and spleen. It is ruled by the moon. It is the sign of physical conception. Cancer is a water sign and pertains to fluids.

    Cancer is tenaciousness and memory, it is tenacity of thought. Deficiency in Calcium Fluoride causes one to be forgetful.

    The great secret of Astrology is that it is the story of understanding purification and mastery and perfection of the human body.

    The key to all occult writings is physiological.

    The great secret hidden in the sign of Cancer is that of Nature's power to reproduce, to allow the body to recreate itself daily. It does this by the ceaseless formation of corpuscles within the spleen.

    Cancer is the gate of men through witch souls descended from Heaven into human bodies.

    Cancer is the most productive, the most important of the three fluidic signs, for without it no corpuscle can be formed.

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    The fluoride of lime (Calcium Fluoride) is found in the enamel of the teeth, connective tissue and the elastic fiber of all muscular tissue.

    Deficiency of Calcium Fluoride causes varicose veins, and a general "sagging down" feeling.

    It also causes peculiar mental conditions such as fear of poverty and forgetfulness.

    No one will ever be permanently united with the higher self until the physical body ceases being tormented, starved and destroyed because of the ignorance of the personality.

    Only through continued maintenance of health in the body can one be regenerated.

    Calcium Fluoride possesses a vibration or rate of motion capable of regeneration.

    When Calcium Fluoride is deficient, skin is rough and chapped. It looses its elastic substance. Tumors, blurred vision, cataracts, loose teeth receding gums, hemorrhoids, digestive trouble, forgetfulness and fear of poverty are some of the outstanding indications of the need of the salt. A crusty disposition is another.

    It will be wonderful when parents become familiar with physio-Chemical Astrology and with the science of supplying the blood with its proper Cell-Salts. Children will grow up healthy. All problems of the eyes will be cured.

    Those born during Cancer usually have a great supply of reserve energy; and although they seem delicate looking, they are surprisingly strong and have wonderful recuperative powers.

    There are many wonderful souls awaiting birth. When people are no longer subject to unbridled lust and two who respect and love one another and wish for a child, once having corrected their chemical deficiencies, a wonderful child will be born.

    Ellis Peterson is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years.

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