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Happy Birthday, Gemini! - The Sun entered Gemini on Fri. May 20th at 7:37 am PDT.


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    What's Up in May 2016

    May 6 - New Moon at 17 Taurus
    May 9 - Jupiter goes Direct
    May 20 - Sun enters Gemini
    May 21 - Full Moon at 1 Sagittarius
    May 22 - Mercury goes Direct
    May 24 - Venus enters Gemini
    May 27 - Mars enters Scorpio

    What's up in June 2016

    June 4 - New Moon at 14 Gemini
    June 12 - Mercury enters Gemini
    June 13 - Neptune goes Retrograde
    June 17 - Venus enters Cancer
    June 20 - Full Moon at 29 Sagittarius
    June 20 - Sun enters Cancer/Summer Solstice
    June 29 - Mercury enters Cancer
    June 29 - Mars goes Direct

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